We know low back pain kidney health is important. Yet we only pay attention to it when it starts to bother us. We allow day to day life and other things that are most likely not as important as our well being and our health, take priority.

If you’re fortunate enough to not have anything wrong with your kidney, meaning, there’s no infection to treat and you aren’t passing a stone, or anything of that nature. Then it’s very likely a back problem.

We came across an exciting new solution for people just like me and you who are looking for a low back pain health.

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On the previous post you read about low back pain kidney stones conditions and how the pain sensation can be very similar to that of a low back condition not related to the kidneys. The fortunate ones who don’t have these symptoms:

Smell in the urine

Those with low back pain not related to kidneys are probably experiencing a more sharp pain, but there is a solution.

The low back pain solution that gives lasting results has nothing to do with generic exercises that simply mask the problem. These are real solutions to muscular and skeletal adjustments that sometimes are needed.

Being informed and aware of what is causing the low back pain is the best way to manage it and correct it and eventually due away with the low back pain kidney.

Some have reported being able to get back to day to day activities in as soon as a few days. Getting back to running, walking, tennis, dealing and correcting sciatica pain, getting of pain medication and getting back to work and just living again!

Of course those with such quick results, catch and correct the problem early and don’t wait years to do something about what their bodies are telling them.

Their quality of life has improved tremendously.

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Low Back Pain Kidney-Live Pain Free!

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Low back pain kidney symptoms can also indicate a kidney stone is present and making its way down the pipes so to speak. Kidney stones vary in size and can be very small to the point where the body expels it and you don’t even notice. They can also be large and cause you, quite literally the worst pain you’ll ever experience.

The low back pain that kidney stones cause is very similar to that of a back problem, when the stone is small. Small stones can cause many of the same symptoms of a kidney infection and the low back pain felt by a back condition.

When the stone is big, it’s unmistakable. The pain is excruciating and very difficult to bear. Even by the strongest of standards. I recently had a family member pass a kidney stone the size of a lentil. It even looked like one, and it happened from one day to another. No notice what so ever. Come to think of it, she did complain of low back pain we just didn’t associate it to her kidneys.

When the low back pain kidney stone symptoms are felt, you’ll find that you’ll experience the tenderness of the low back pain that seems to stay through out the day. Also the pain can be very sharp at times and come in episodes. Staying sharp for a short while and passing. The low back pain that is felt can travel to the side the abdomen, groin and even the genitals.

Kidney stones will also cause the familiar blood in the urine that you often see with a kidney infection. As you can see low back pain kidney symptoms aren’t the easiest to diagnose and treat. Paying attention to what your body is telling you is crucial to your proper treatment of the condition. This natural treatment is effective an natural.

One of the kidney symptoms that is clearly associated with stones, is the painful urination that happens as the stone passes down the urethra. When a large stone is passing it’s unlikely that it’ll be confused with low back pain symptoms that related to the kidneys.

Low back pain and a kidney infection or condition, that needs attention, can have similar symptoms. Making sense of what you’re experiencing and treating the appropriate ailment is going to take paying close attention to what your body is telling you.

Low back pain can be confused with kidney infections because the pain is in the same general area of the back, right above the hip bone along the sides of the spine, for the most part.

Being that the symptoms can be very similar you want to pay attention to the kind of pain you’re feeling and how sharp or dull it feels.

For example, a very sharp pain in the area most times is a back condition. Low back pain kidney symptoms are usually more dull tenderness or an ache, not a sharp stabbing feeling.

Low back pain kidney conditions are more commonly caused by kidney infections. The way most sufferers tell them apart is by the symptoms that come along with the pain or tenderness. Most experience fevers, pain while urinating, blood in the urine and many times an unusual smell from the urine itself.

Another cause of low back pain kidney symptom is actual damage to the kidneys, such as an accident or a strong impact to the kidney area, that can damage it. This is not very common though.

It can be scary to feel these low back pain kidney symptoms. The best way to deal with it is to keep calm and go through a process of elimination. For example:

1. Is it a sharp pain or tenderness?

2. Does it bother you all day or just at times of certain movement?

3. Are you at a weight that could lead to low back pain?

4. Are you experiencing any of the conditions of an infection?

      • Fever
      • Pain urinating
      • Blood in the urine
      • Smell in the urine


This process can help you determine if what you’re dealing with is a low back pain problem or a low back pain kidney symptom that needs further evaluation by a qualified professional.  If  you’re in fact dealing with an infection of the kidney’s you’ll want to see a doctor to have it treated.

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